2640 St.Clair Ave

East York, Toronto

Ontario M4B 3M1

[email protected]‍‍‍‍‍‍

Online Purchases - Mastercard, Visa and Visa Debit only.

In studio purchases - Cash, Debit, Mastercard, Visa, Visa debit.

We do not accept Amex or Cheques. All purchases are subject to HST.

Class Cards:

Class cards can be used for hot & warm classes only, as indicated on the schedule. They are currently not available for fitness classes.

Each class card has a specific expiry date from the date of purchase.

10 Class Card expires 12 months after purchase

5 Class Card expires 6 months after purchase.

There are no exceptions, or extensions.

Class cards cannot be shared between people.

No refunds on class cards.


Monthly/Weekly Membership

1. Membership is billed ongoing monthly or weekly, until you cancel or the two year term completes.

2. You can cancel with 5 days notice before your next payment date. There is a $30 cancellation fee. At the end of the 2 year term, the membership will end with no cancellation fee.‍‍‍

3. Membership can be put on hold for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 60 days for a $15 fee.

4. Memberships cannot be shared.

5. After signing up online, within 24 hours you'll receive an email of the membership contract. Please digitally sign the contract within the following 24 hours. If this contract is not signed, your membership will be terminated.

My Rights under the Consumer Protection Act, 2002 (Ontario)

I may cancel this Agreement at any time during the period that ends ten (10) days after the day I receive a written copy of this Agreement and the day all the services at the MobilityMend Inc operation as Redwood Hot Yoga location. I do not need to give MobilityMend Inc. a reason for cancelling during this 10-day period. In addition, there are grounds that allow me to cancel this agreement. I may also have other rights, duties and remedies at law. For more information, I may contact the Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Business Services.To cancel this Agreement, I must give notice of cancellation to MobilityMend Inc, at the address set out in this Agreement, by any means that allows me to prove the date on which I gave notice. If no address is set out in this Agreement, I may use any address of MobilityMend Inc that is on record with the Government of Ontario or the Government of Canada or is known by me. If I cancel this Agreement, MobilityMend Inc. has fifteen (15) days to refund any payment I have made and return to me all goods delivered under any trade-in arrangement (or refund an amount equal to the trade-in allowance). I understand that I may have greater rights under the provisions below than my statutory rights under Ontario law as set forth in this section.