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Redwood Hot Yoga in East York

Hot Yoga and Warm Yoga are hatha yoga (posture based yoga) in an above average heated room. At Redwood Hot Yoga our hot yoga classes are heated between 37°- 40° and our warm yoga classes are heated between 32° - 34°

Our yoga classes are a series of dynamic and static postures and breath exercises that work to stretch, strengthen and tone your whole body in a safe, low impact manner. You don't have to be already flexible to come to these classes, the heat will help improve your flexibility, and the more you practice you'll see an increase in your mobility in all aspects of your life not just yoga poses.

We are not a brand specific studio, meaning all of our teachers come from different yoga backgrounds. This ensures that each class will help you get a variety of movement for your body. No set sequences of poses here, we want you to explore movement with us, not restrict it. Since all our of teachers have a different style, each class may have different yoga poses, different paces, and different focuses overall. It's a good idea when you first start at the studio to try out as many classes and teachers as you can to get the feel for it all!

Classes we offer:

Hatha Yoga

These classes are non-flowing yoga classes that take the time to explore each pose you do. Due to the slower pace of these classes it gives us a chance to explore the use of props in the poses, and gives you the chance to learn the common yoga poses. They are offered as a hot class or warm class and are a great place to start if you're coming to hot yoga for the first time.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a class that helps you find some quiet time while getting some more focused stretch work in. This yoga class is based on passive stretching at or near your end range of your flexibility. It gives the muscles time to slowly creep through the stretch. The big challenge is trying to slow your thoughts down while you hold these stretches for a longer period of time than most of the other classes.

Slow Flow Yoga

The slow flow yoga class is a hatha yoga class that links poses together into a flowing movement class. We still take the time in each pose to settle and feel what's happening in our bodies, but we don't tend to stay in a pose as long as we do in the other classes.

Restorative Yoga‍‍‍

This style of yoga class is the ultimate in relaxation, giving you a sense of calm and renewal afterwards. In a restorative yoga classes you hold body positions that are as comfortable as possible (no stretch or contraction, just relaxation) for between 5 - 20 minutes. We use props to help take muscle tension away, and to help you find ease, then we relax. This is the class that everyone needs, especially to lower the everyday stressors of living in a city like Toronto.

MobilityMend Yoga

MobilityMend is a free-form yoga based class that also includes self massage with rubber therapy balls. This class gives you a chance to massage out some tension before incorporating movement to help restructure your tissues and improve your mobility.