Redwood Hot Yoga

Sweat for Strength and Flexibility

Whether you're taking a class in our hot yoga studio, or in our  fitness studio, you'll get your sweat on!

You'll gain flexibility, whole body strength, and feel great in the process.

In the Total Body Resistance Classes you'll strengthen your whole body, with a focus on core stability and cardiovascular health. It's a great compliment to your yoga practice.

Not just hot yoga!

Try our Total Body Resistance


Pilates Classes.

Feeling stiff, tired or weak? We've got the solution:

Our bodies were designed to move around all the time in various ways, but as technology has evolved movement patterns, our bodies haven't evolved with them.. We get you moving outside of your movement patterns to release the stiffness and pain you may be feeling, making you stronger in the process.

Variety of Movement is Key

Last we checked, we aren't flopping around the world. Flexibility means nothing for you if you can't use it actively. We will strengthen you in all of your ranges to get you moving through the world better.

Strength within Flexibility

Movement Matters

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